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The Health and Weight Coach for Smart Seasoned Women

Hello Fabulous Ladies,
I am so happy that you are here.

It’s YOUR TIME to take the leap towards your best health ever

My goal is to empower you and every woman who has dealt with decades of weight, food and body challenges to find peace, happiness and freedom from all guilt, shame, body hate and feelings of frustration over their body, weight and nutrition.

I wish for all woman to realize (like I did) that it is never too late to have a fulfilling, healthy, passionate and fun relationship with food, weight, your body and life too! We have come to “OUR SEASON”, where we are ready to experience a fresh and exciting new chapter in our lives.

I believe you deserve to live a fabulous life. We should feel confident that we are nourishing our body, mind and soul. We will uniquely define (and also redefine) what that life will look like for ourselves.

What People are Saying​

What can I say about Patricia... She’s an amazingly vibrant yet humble woman with a passion for people. There's an energy about her that gently inspires you to be the very best version of you possible. She's a positive, upbeat person...you know, the kind you always want to be around...and she’s someone that's really "been there"...and because she knows the struggles first-hand, she is uniquely qualified to offer perspective and direction to help you reach your personal health goals. It is refreshing to work with a health coach that really gets it and does not judge me by where I've been, but rather inspires me to be what I aspire to be...the most fabulous, healthiest version of me!
Laurie M.
Patricia's knowledge of nutrition and how she mentored me to change my mindset about food and body image helped me kick start my journey to better health. Her passion & enthusiasm for helping women made this journey uplifting and fun. Patricia’s enthusiastic approach to health coaching made my journey not only enlightening but enjoyable. What a great experience.
Bobbie S.


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