Are You Broken?

We live in a world where there is a “FIX” for everything.  A fix for allergies, a fix for insomnia, a fix for weight gain or loss, a fix for hair loss, a fix for all types of health issues, a fix for being broke, a fix for being unhappy, a fix for no love in your life …you name it, and there is a “fix” for that!  Now if you really want to get noticed quickly, especially in the health industry, then promote a “QUICK FIX”. You will have more likes and follows in an instant – of course eventually you will have just as many “dislikes” when the quick fix has gone awry. (how ungrateful the public is).

Obviously, you are BROKEN and need to be FIXED. If I asked you right now to make a list of everything that needs fixing in your life, I am sure you could come up with your TOP 10 in about 3-5 minutes.

I have some scaaaaary news for you – brace yourself;


Can you fix something if it isn’t broken? Of course not. As women, we are so quick to place blame on ourselves for everything that goes “wrong” in our life. Conclusions: We are a broken woman.  Something is wrong with me.  I am inferior.  What if I told you that your thoughts and feelings of “wrongs” are actually “rights” and are beautiful gifts and messages that help guide us through life.

Huh, that changes things, right?

We all innately have intuition, gut feelings, inner guidance – whatever name you’d prefer to call it. I know you’ve felt it. Our body also has incredible wisdom. It knows what it likes and lets you know if it doesn’t like it as well (messages)!  Your body knows what it needs in order to be nourished, and you do too.

So why don’t we do what we intuitively know is right for “ME”?  Many reasons (that may be another blog) but in an overall sense, the world that we live in doesn’t necessarily support us. From family, to schools, to community, the work place etc. We are being told what to do and not to question it…so over time, your own confidence and ability to tap into your own wisdom, takes a dive.  Now this may only be in a few areas of your life, not in everything. That is why many women will tell me that they are successful in many ways, but struggle with weight and body issues. I’ve been there. We have become disembodied!

The first step is to acknowledge that your own inner power exists, and to start flexing those muscles.  Notice when your “gut” is telling you something…and you are ignoring it.  Now pay attention. Start to be curious – what is the message?  Is it true?  Is it fear?  Is it just uncomfortable, but deep down, there is a “rightness” to the message? Yes, I am suggesting a LOT of self-talk here. TRUST YOURSELF!!!

Most of all – LIGHTEN UP and RELAX!  Give yourself a break. LAUGH AT YOURSELF! (Lovingly of course)

Be curious and experiment. Try new ways of doing life!  Tap into how it feels to be YOU.  If it is the wrong road for you, you will know it.  If it takes time to figure it out… so what!  Some lessons we learn quickly and some we don’t.  Allow yourself to be coached and mentored, especially when intuitively you know that it will enable you to come to your own conclusions and bring you further along the path of your journey in life.

You’ve got this!


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