Claim your Queenhood!

Do you want to change your relationship with your weight and body? Claim your Queenhood!
Are you a seasoned woman? Have you claimed your queenhood yet?

Are you aware that your Queendom is waiting for you? Do you understand what I am postulating?

I wish I had known about this power years ago – and claimed it!

Once we reach an age of maturity (usually in our 40’s plus) we enter the time in our lives where we should own our lives and our Queendom.
A Queen is wise, dignified, womanly, feminine, poised, aware of her uniqueness and beauty, self-secured, and doesn’t need anyone’s approval. A Queen mentors’ younger women into their maturity. She loves to serve and to be served. She is respected and loved. These are characteristics of the ideal Queen Archetype.

Does this sound like you? (this is honesty time 😊) Are you still living in the world of the princess? Are you still trying to be the “perfect” woman, with the “perfect” body, seeking approval from others? Are you in drama regarding every piece of food you eat (or don’t) or around every pound on the scale (up or down)? Are you still trying to use tricks, extreme diets and exercise to force your body into submission?

Well here is the good news (and the blatant truth) – It is time to stop the insanity and claim your Queenhood. There is no need (or room) for excuses. It is time to love who you are right now. You have the power and wisdom to become keenly aware of your body and its needs. It is time to treat yourself and your body like a Queen. It’s time to embody and nourish yourself.

Now, let me be precise. A Queen may decide that she wants to shape or re-shape her body into a stronger, natural and comfortable form (and she KNOWS intuitively what that means for HER). This is a decision made out of self-love and a desire to reach HER highest physical, mental and spiritual potential in order to inspire and lead her Queendom (and her life)! It isn’t a frantic reach for years gone by. It isn’t a time to cower in fear, or shame or hate. It isn’t a time for hiding or judgment. It isn’t a time for indecision or seeking approval from others. A Queen does not live in chaos and nonsense. It is a time for knowing oneself and for taking actions. Queens support other Queens.
Claim your Queenhood today! Are you still seeking permission?

“I now proclaim you a Queen”. Permission granted!

Feel and use your new power in kindness, goodness, and love for all. It starts and ends with you.


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