Why the “Patricia Diet” won’t work for you!

Have I just confused you?  After all, I am a fabulous nutrition coach, and I am saying that my diet (the Patricia Diet) won’t work for you?

Why would you want to be coached by me?

Well, let’s start at the very beginning.  What is a diet anyway?  A simple definition is: food and drink that we consume habitually. So, every human and animal on this planet is on some type of diet. Pretty basic.

Currently, there are many diets that are being toasted as “the one” that will help you lose weight, promote longevity, make you happy, make you stronger, fix every problem you’ve ever had (Ok, I am exaggerating here to make a point). Some of them are paleo, vegan, high protein, keto, point systems, grapefruit, raw food, low protein, vegetarian, fasting …. I could go on and on. Do many of these diets contain some useful ideas and principals?  Yes, absolutely.  Have I used some of them (or a combination) at different times in my life?  Yes!

So why am I suggesting that you not “follow” them?

Because another simple principle is that every human being is unique. We all have our own individual body, history, experiences, and circumstances that make us who we are today.  So, it makes sense that we will also have our own set of requirements in terms of what will work best for us and our body.  We also have many “seasons” in our lives that will have different nutritional needs in order to thrive. We don’t have the same diet now that we had as an infant.  You must re-learn how to listen to your body and how to honor the season that you are currently going through.  You will make adjustments that will serve you best.  The good news is that this will be much easier than you may think!

The first step is to take an honest and non-judgmental look at what season you are in now and what is currently happening with your body. Plain and simple.  Are you facing issues?  Weight, digestive issues, aches and pains, fatigue, eating habits that don’t serve you, etc.  Are you making food and life choices that are nourishing you in your current season?  Most likely, if you are facing challenges, then you probably need a nutritional update (or at least a tune up!).

The second step is to understand some basic fundamental nutritional principals that can serve you. Fortunately, we are living in an age where many of the errors of the past, have scientifically been proven to be inaccurate if not outright wrong. (“just eat less and exercise more”, “eating fat will make you fat”, “graze all day long” are a few that come to mind).  Also, there is now a profound understanding that what we eat and how it assimilates in our body can affect our health in more ways than we could have imagined. This is your starting point that you will build upon.

Your third step will be to experiment. Yes, I want you to have some (guided) fun! For example, you may be in a season where your body needs a bit more protein (or less). You may be in a season where you need to give your body a rest!  You may want to introduce or eliminate certain foods for a time.  We all have many seasons – some short, some long, throughout our journey called life. Once you start listening to your body and start strengthening your body wisdom, you will begin to know what your body (plus mind and soul, by the way) require and for how long.  And yes, you may need to experiment. How fun is that!

So, the “Patricia Diet” that I am following now, will change depending on “my season” – which may not be the right diet for your CURRENT season! Ultimately, you will develop the “(your name) Diet” which will evolve with YOU and be “the one” that makes you Feel Fabulous!

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