Relax, Release, and Replenish

Are you a “seasoned” woman (over 40ish) that has an unhealthy relationship with your weight, body and food?

Are you confused and fed up with all the current health and weight loss programs that seem extreme and don’t work sustainably?

Have you given up on even THINKING about starting yet another futile program?
Do you long for, and wish for things to be different?

Do you want a coach who understands YOU and the journey you will face at this junction in life? A seasoned woman herself, who has been through almost every program out there and has finally redefined her relationship with Food, Body and Weight! 😊 A mentor who will communicate directly, boldly and empathetically in a queenly manner!

My program is designed for women who have struggled with their relationship around weight and body for decades.

Do you desire a program that is sustainable and flexible…and one that can finally free you from any guilt, shame, and baggage around food and body?
Do you want to learn how to be as nutritionally healthy as possible as you head into the next phase of your life’s journey?
Do you want personal guidance along this journey along with other women, in a non-judgmental and supportive environment?

The FEELFAB 3R Protocol is a 9-week Hybrid Coaching/Intimate Group Program. I have purposely structured my program to include the best of private coaching with the support and comradery of a group program.

During the 9 weeks, we will dive into:

  • core issues behind unhealthy relationships with weight and body
  • toxic nutritional beliefs
  • nutritional imbalances
  • possible food sensitivities
  • embodiment techniques and body wisdom
  • sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system
  • which “diet” is right for your current season
  • And so much more!

Your private coaching sessions will customize the program to your individual situation and goals.

What’s included?

  • 9 Weekly modules (diving into the 3R Protocols and nutrition)
  • Weekly Homework assignments
  • Weekly group calls (recorded)

  • Private Facebook Group

  • THREE One-on-One Skype Coaching Sessions – A total of 3 hours!!!

    ONE – 90 minute and TWO– 45minute sessions – (approximately weeks 2, 5 and 8 (accommodations for various time zones for those not in the US)

What is Relax, Release and Replenish?

Relax, Release and Replenish are the 3 phases of the FeelFab 3R Protocol.
You will be guided along a journey of discovery that will result in a new, vibrant and fabulous you!


This is where you will begin. If you want changes that will last a lifetime, you need to tap into your inner wisdom that will guide you to wise body and food choices. (don’t worry – you will have a lot of support and guidance!) You will learn about the scientific differences between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems (and why it matters). You will stop feeling all the drama around food and body that keeps you in a state of constant stress and anxiety about your weight and body. You will learn to relax and start to once again truly enjoy nourishing your body and mind as well as feeling joy and pleasure in the process.

In your relaxed wisdom, you will return to a childlike enthusiasm and curiosity around food and body. It’s time to slow down, relax, enjoy… and start making new choices.


As your relaxing is progressing and becoming more automatic, you will start to add in the “release” phase of the protocol. You will release old beliefs and toxic beliefs that no longer serve you (such as “food or fat is the enemy”). You will explore how you came to follow many of the “beliefs” about diets and body image and start to sort out the truth from untruths. You will begin to release toxic foods and toxic environments from your life. You will keep releasing the things that no longer serve you to make room for the new you to emerge.


Now it is time to replenish yourself. You will start to listen to your new-found body wisdom and implement new rituals, habits and foods that will fill (and satisfy) your body and mind with true nourishment. You will be joyfully experimenting with new ways of being that has you experiencing how wonderful Feeling Fabulous can be!

What will be expected from you to get the most out of the protocol?

  • Be actively involved in the group calls (if possible)
  • Join in on discussions with your “sisters” in the Facebook group
  • Complete all homework assignments and turn them in on time (should be fun!)
  • Have a willingness to trust a different and long-lasting approach
  • Follow the mentoring and guidance

The FeelFab 3R Protocol is valued at over $3,400!

When you “Gift Yourself” today, you can choose between your special value price plans:

One Payment of


Two Payments of


First payment due today, second payment due in 30 days

This is a small, hybrid group program with limited enrollment to ensure that you receive the individual attention that you deserve. Enroll today and begin your new journey towards your best health and weight.

Welcome to the Feel Fabulous Nutrition Community!

Join our private Facebook group: FeelFab Smart, Seasoned Women for NEW and MATURE conversations around weight, body issues, diets, nutrition, mindset, emotions and LIFE.

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