Hello Ladies!

I am so happy to have you here and I am honored to introduce myself and share my mission and my story with you.

My Mission is Twofold:

1. To have you know, believe and feel with everything in you, that…

You are fabulous!

Right now! This very moment!

Do you believe it? It took me years to believe it. (more about that later)


2. To have “Nutrition” that supports “you” FEELING Fabulous!

So, what is my definition of Nutrition?

It is the process of nourishing and being nurtured.

Yes, my Fabulous sisters – we need to Nourish and Nurture ourselves: Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Spirits… and have FUN while we are doing it! (massages, nails, hair and vacations to exotic places included) 😊
So why this mission? Because I spent too many years not feeling fabulous or nourishing myself in any way and I don’t want that to happen (or continue) to you.


Now my story:

A long, long time ago, (yes in childhood), I started my journey of being overweight and unhappy with my body. Many tears were shed, when clothes didn’t fit or come in my size or when everything I ate was scrutinized (if I ate something bad; why was I eating it? – If I was not eating it, then the “are you dieting” questions). I then started eating in secret (like no one knew, duh). This went on and on, through my teenage years, then 20’s, 30’s, 40’s – you get the idea. Now, don’t get me wrong, I fortunately had many happy moments and times in my life, I didn’t crawl under a bench over this, but the underlying issue of my weight and how I had a “pretty face” (not body – in case you missed that) blew up around 8th grade. I remember getting weighed at school and I was 124 pounds. Well, I was now officially fat and needed to lose weight. My Mom also struggled with her weight (surprise, surprise) so I went with her to my first “program” … and so it started – endless dieting, weight loss programs, exercise programs, giving up, starting up, stopping – Oh, soooo much energy and life wasted on this “problem”.

I had a few successes and a few – ok, tons of failures. Years go by, and now coming into my seasoned time of life, the situation seemed harder and almost hopeless. I knew I needed to have a shift in my mindset to become healthy (vs. skinny) – so I can live a long life (Yes, I plan to live way over 100!)

So about 7 years ago, I started searching and researching nutrition with a more integrated approach to health. I received my certifications as a Transformational Nutrition Coach through the Institute for Transformational Nutrition (ITN) and Mind/Body Nutrition Coach through the Institute of Psychology of Eating (IPE). This opened a new world for me. Over these years, I have released feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment over my body. I came to understand that being nourished included more than just the food that I put in my body. I learned to relax into life and began enjoying life- having FUN again – not waiting until my body (or me) was “perfect”. My journey will always be unfolding, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings! I am excited to share with you the nuggets of wisdom that I have learned in my journey, with the intent that they will help you find your freedom from struggles, and we can all laugh, enjoy, and FEEL FABULOUS together!


Work with Me!

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